Don’t worry I won’t share your Email address with anyone else, its just for art show reception invitations : D

    You can Email me if you would like to schedule  an appointment to view an original painting in person at my studio or your gallery. In addition if you would like to be notified of future art shows and receive invitations from me you can Email me to be added to the guest list. 

Check back often here at my website, as I am always working on a new painting and will be posting it here in my online gallery .
    You can also leave a post  here on my blog page if you would like to correspond and I will reply to you as soon as possible.

Thanks again for visiting my online gallery I hope you liked what you saw. Feel free to leave a comment below!

2 comments on “CONTACT PAGE
  1. Bob Dalley says:

    Hi Jackie,
    Truly you are a good artist. I really do like your paintings.
    My Father painted in water-colours and I have loads of his pictures in all the rooms here; he took it up as a pastime when he retired and became fairly proficient as a member of his local art club. Prior to that, he enjoyed making 16mm cine films as part of a small group – some better than others ;-). That all began when I was young, about 8 or 9, and 8mm film and cameras became available for everyone. He worked up through “super-8” to 16mm as time went by. He also took loads of 35mm still photos, some of my family but mainly of flowers & landscapes. As I grew up, colour 35mm film became available and the pictures of me and my sister became even (to me) more terrifying! He used to spend ages ‘arranging’ us for his photos – with hindsight it was probably good that he did, but I hated it at the time!

    • jstareyes says:

      HI Bob
      Thank you so much for your kind comment of my artwork. Your lucky to have your fathers paintings, enjoy them as they are a part of his soul.

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