First solo show! : D

My first solo art show is currently on display at “My Creative outlet” on Devonshire blvd. in Chatsworth CA. near Topanga (The “West end art district”) thru September 24th 2016. The opening reception was held on August 13th.


The event was well attended & we were graced with the  beautiful harp music of Alexis Aria.

Me_Harpist_first_solo show

I was thrilled and honored back in February of this year to be invited by Martina, the owner of the gallery, to display my art at “My  creative outlet” for a solo show this year.  I have spent 6 months of this year painting new floral themed paintings and focusing on getting ready for this event. There are about 28 of my pieces currently on display at the gallery as well as dozens of handmade one of a kind greeting cards. (which make great gift card holders) Yes, all made by me! I have indeed been a busy beaver this year!


I like to share my love of nature’s depth & splendor with others thru my paintings. I think it is very important that we stop to pay attention and spend time in nature to renew our mind & souls. To give much gratitude for the gifts she gives us each and everyday! I feel that it is time for us a humanity to give back, its time to stop mindlessly polluting this magnificent planet, time to help her heal. I hope that my art gives others the passion to make the necessary changes we all need to make to keep this planet not only alive, but abundantly flourishing!

Martina_me_craig_Izzie_2016 solo showThank you Martina and to all my friends and family for supporting me and helping me to spread this message to the world.

Love mother Earth…..for without her we perish with her.

We are one.

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