Getting in the creative flow

How many times have you finally found the time to get into your artistic process and instead you find yourself moving from one distraction to the next? Effectively wasting the creative time you had so looked forward too. Well, my friends you are not alone. For me just starting the painting or project is often the hardest part of the whole process. I find my self instead organizing my studio instead of actually working on my art.

(Not that is an entirely bad thing!  lol)

      I have found several ways of over coming that procrastination and will share some of my secrets here with you 😀  One of my main ways to feel inspired and get those creative ideas to flow is by putting on some music that I personally resonate with.  The music somehow magically calls my inner muse to come out and play.  Maybe the music just relax me enough to make that shift from the left brain to the right brain, I am not sure, but it works!

Another trick of mine is to lay down for a minute and just meditate and visualize, I can often see a painting in my mind before it actually even hits the canvas.
If I still can’t seem to get into the “Zone” I will simply just start by grabbing some of my favorite colors and randomly put them down on the that big white empty space and the creative process begins to start flowing through me.
Being in the great outdoors and soaking in Nature’s beautiful splendor is also a big source of inspiration for me. The staggering amount of patterns and color schemes in nature is endless. I am sure to have my camera handy at all times to record a pleasant composition or inspiring sunset.
The really funny thing to me is as much as I have a hard time starting a painting at times, once the process has began I totally loose track of time. The ideas begin to flood into my mind’s eye and soul and most often I find it difficult to stop even to eat!  The whole creative process is so sweet, so deliciously divine, it is really hard to put it into words. I end up asking myself, “why did I wait so long to start this?

So don’t wait, find a way to get going that works for you and come into the “Zone” with me.  Who knows what beautiful creation is waiting to be born from within you  to share with the world?
Yours Creatively  Jackie

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